Are you unfulfilled, stressed or frustrated with where your life is headed?
Rock Your Lifestyle will provide you with the road map of how to take ownership of your life and create an amazing, fulfilling life that you love. 

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Founder of Working Women of Florida
"I find that it is important that people (women especially) make the most of their lives. In Rock Your Lifestyle, Jenny does an excellent job of taking you through the journey of how to start living your life to the fullest. If you're feeling disconnected and want more out of life, then I strongly recommend you buy and read this book!
author of ​​​The Angel Inside
"Rock Your Lifestyle is a good wake up call to anyone who is sick and tired of a life that they don't enjoy. Jenny gives clear steps that will change the lives of those who read this book and help them get back into the driver's seat of their life. I highly recommend this book!"
Christian Lifestyle Coach
I have known Jenny for several years and am witness to her journey of learning her way to success. There is something unique and distinguishing when you learn from a person who lived each aspect of what they have to teach those seeking answers. When you are considering learning how to 'become' the you that desires to live your best life, I suggest you seek those who blaze the trails. Let her fire light your way!"

Shift from living in a dense fog to creating a life full of zest, clarity and balance
Recognize and control your negative thoughts with powerful positive affirmations
Stop freezing in your tracks and make the impossible seem possible
Turn your failures into successes
Create a balanced, whole lifestyle that you love
Jenny (Olding) Holla
"The journey is the destination."
Every since Jenny can remember, she has been motivated to love what she's doing, no matter what. She has always been drawn to adventure, new experiences, meeting people and traveling the world. Jenny is a master of what it takes to Rock Your Lifestyle. She is full of energy and dynamism and loves to create lasting, life-changing impact for readers, audiences and clients in order to help them implement a more positive. healthy and focused lifestyle!